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National Land Reclamation and Re -Afforestation

The National Land Reclamation and Re-afforestation module seeks to rehabilitate and reafforest degraded lands  caused by illegal mining activities.


  • Establish Six (6) seedling nursery centres at designated locations
  • Reclaim and maintain  one thousand (1000) hectares of degraded lands in selected communities and watershed areas
  • Plant and nurture 2 million (2,000,000) suitable tree and crop species to restore the ecosystem
  • Create over two thousand  (2000) direct and  indirect jobs.


  • A total land area of One thousand (1000) hectares is being reclaimed and re-afforested at various sites. 
  • Two million (2,000,000) seedlings raised for re-afforesting the reclaimed lands 
  • Over two thousand  (2 ,000) direct and indirect jobs were created and still counting.

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