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What is NAELP?

The National Alternative Employment and Livelihood Programme for illegal miners (NAELP) is an initiative of the Government of Ghana under the auspices of the Ministry of Lands and Natural Resources. The programme is a response to the upsurge of displaced illegal miners and victims as a result of the government’s efforts to sanitise the mining sector.  Inaugurated on 25th October 2021, the programme is targeted at creating alternative livelihoods to improve the economic circumstances of victims for sustainable national development for a period of five (5) years.


Our overarching mission is to design and implement pathway programmes for illegal miners and those whose livelihoods have been affected by the government’s operations against illegal mining activities. 

Through our six modules, our mission is to:

  •  Create sustainable employment and alternative livelihoods 
  •  Restore lands that were negatively impacted by illegal mining activities 
  • Promote responsible, viable and sustainable  small-scale mining 

We aim to provide sustainable alternative livelihoods for illegal miners and people affected by the sanitization of the mining sector while restoring lands that were negatively impacted by illegal mining activities in Ghana.

Male and female employees and counting
Male and female employees and counting
Hectares of land reclaimed
Hectares of land reclaimed
Community mining schemes launched
Community mining schemes launched

Our Core Values

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NAELP Values
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Address from the National Coordinator


The National Alternative Employment and Livelihood programme (NAELP) exists to serve the good people of Ghana, and it is relentlessly pursuing its core mandate of providing sustainable alternative livelihoods to illegal miners and those affected by the sanitization of the mining sector.

We share the president’s vision that ‘galamsey’ has become a menace and as such,  there is a need to seek a permanent solution to the environmental degradation and its related loss. Hence, NAELP is direct evidence that the President is working to ensure that he fulfils his promise to the people of Ghana.

We are forever indebted to the President for his dedication and demonstrative actions for its implementation. We are certain that his commitment in terms of political will and financial resources will ensure massive success for this programme.

This vision can only be achieved through the collaborative efforts of all stakeholders involved and the unrelenting support of the public to fight ‘galamsey’.  I welcome all potential partners to commit to this worthy course and help our country reclaim its degraded land and put our youth to dignified labour. 

Ghana belongs to us all, therefore we must be poised to do what it takes to preserve our lands. We must not relent in pursuing the responsible exploitation of our natural resources.